Grace Wood grew up in the Central Tablelands NSW. 

She uses Merino and crossbred wool from her family farm near Bathurst to create her felt textiles.

She has a Bachelor of Design from COFA, UNSW. In 2013 Grace interned with the eminent Dutch textile artist Claudy Jongstra who has since become her professional mentor and coach.

Grace practices out of her studio in the Blue Mountains.



My work is informed by the beauty of the natural environment; the colours, textures and forms that continuously change and evolve and move fluidly within the landscape act as a catalyst for the notions and themes I explore. 

Through the integration of traditional crafts in my practice I hope to preserve and draw attention to the legacy they represent. 

The objective is to provide the audience with a context through which to encounter thoughts and feelings of curiosity, joy, delight, intrigue, warmth, comfort and connectedness. 

Critical to my practice is the use of natural fibres and natural dyeing techniques. I use Merino and crossbred wool from my family farm in Clear Creek NSW to create my felt. Artists and designers who aim to touch the earth lightly and reduce or limit the impact their lives and practice have on the environment have powerfully influenced me. The many sustainable properties of the materials I choose to work with reflect my desire for these concerns to both be simultaneously upheld and influence others in the field to support and encourage a generation of sustainable creativity.